CMW Showcase at The Hideout

 Canadian Music Week otherwise known as CMW is a long running event that brings together the best in the music industry from across Canada and beyond. It has been going for over 30 years now and only getting stronger. As part of this, different venues Toronto host showcases of different genres of music. If you are a live music fan as much as myself then during CMW there is nowhere else you'd ever want to be!

  One of the venues hosting a Canadian Music Week showcase this year was The Hideout in Toronto. You can find it at 423 College St. at the corner of College & Bathurst. I need to give a shout out and thank you to the owner Jimmy for having me come in  and shoot as well as Samantha G. the stage manager at the venue for CMW. I've known her for a number of years, CMW is lucky to have her! It was my first time at the venue but it definitely won't be the last. They have a stage for live music, serve food and drinks. The staff were all friendly & professional, not to mention the service was fast. I'd recommend anyone go and check them out!

  Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 The night started off with two Country Music acts, Cole Malone and then Chase Cameron. Cole Malone is from Ontario but now resides in Alberta. He hit the stage first and set the bar high. Chase Cameron who is also from Ontario and living in Toronto, followed it up with a solid performance of his own. If you like country music then you should check them both out at their next live show. Both of these artists are represent Canada well and were a great addition to the CMW showcase lineup.

 Then we have The Commoners, a Pop Rock band from Toronto, Ontario. This was the band of the night that everyone in The Hideout was talking about. After seeing them live, I know why. They were high energy from start to finish and have a really good stage presence. Looking forward to seeing them again as they're sure to continue going strong and developing a strong following. If you like Rock music and want to support a great up and coming Canadian band, you need to see these guys!

 The next two acts were Jim Dan Dee and The Road Wolves, two more solid acts that kept the night going strong. Each had their own distinct sound and vibe. Jim Dan Dee is another Toronto band and their Facebook page describes them as "Bourbon Fueled Funkabilly Grunge Blues". They were good as was everyone that night but fun to watch too. The Road wolves, hailing from Stratford, Ontario are a really good Hard rock band! They rocked the stage from start to finish that night let me tell you. The Road Wolves are another band I will be following and you should too! They are sure to go places if they work hard and keep going.

 The last two acts of the night were Kevin Bresser and Jonny Porter. Unfortunately I missed Jonny Porter, another Canadian musician from Oakville, Ontario. I was fortunate enough to catch some of Kevin Bresser. Kevin is another of the nights acts that is from Toronto, Ontario. Earlier in the evening he walked around the venue and introduced himself to every guest. It's not something that you see very often but it's a great idea and showed everyone that he was thankful they came. It's sure to stand out in everyone's minds. Kevin turned out to be a great end to my evening. Like everyone else before him, he gave a solid performance and easily deserved to be on that stage. The audience liked him too. Kevin is an artist I've been following since being introduced to his music from a mutual friend. He is a name you will be hearing again, no doubt about it. Even though some of the artists go by a single name all of the musicians who played that night deserve credit. Every show that is good is because of all the musicians on the stage as part of a combined effort.

 I applaud the artists who have the courage to get up in front of people and perform. Of course we can't forget to thank the people from CMW for creating and continuing such a great event. Thanks as well to all the venues like The Hideout that host these events and give local artists a place to play and be seen. Last and not least we all have to thank the staff that work at these places and events for all their hard work to make sure everything goes off as planned. If you're reading this, please make sure to support local musicians and live music venues!