I Mother Earth & Finger Eleven take over The Phoenix Concert Theatre

 I Mother Earth & Finger Eleven took over The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto on December 15th, 2017. This post is long overdue because it was bothering me how to properly talk about this show and where to start. Finally I've decided to just start at the beginning of the night.

 It was cold and the weather was horrible. Parking in Toronto is like driving there, it's a nightmare. Across from Phoenix is a parking lot and it only took about 10 laps before deciding to just park where there was the most space and hoped not to get hit. I did put money in the meter and get a ticket for the windshield. Rolled up to the front door, got patted down by security, got in and was given a few different wristbands. Off to coat check and started to get my camera ready. The guy at coat check says "Hey, you're going to miss the bands on stage doing a Q&A followed by a joint acoustic set." 

 I thought there is no way this is really happening but if it is then there's no way in Hell I'm missing such an opportunity and rushed like never before. Get inside and get a great spot at the barricade, front of the stage with other photographers. Sure enough both I Mother Earth and Finger Eleven are sitting there together answering questions and then go into an acoustic set. The bands fielded a variety of questions and hit the fans with some great tunes. You couldn't ask for a better start to a show.

 After that one of the members of USS Ashley Buchholz did an acoustic set of his own. I had never heard of him before but it was a good performance. Fast forward to the post show Ashley decided to dive under a barricade instead of moving it or going over it. Thought for sure he was going to bash his head or break his neck but he did it. Have to say it was funny as Hell to watch and it's even on video.

 Next up is Finger Eleven and they rocked it, the crowd couldn't get enough. The Phoenix Concert Theatre was packed, moving was nearly impossible but it was completely worth it. Thank goodness for the barricade! The Phoenix is a great live music venue and Toronto is lucky to have it. It's a venue that has hosted some incredible musicians, make sure to go see a show there. Anyway, back to the show. Finger Eleven is a great Canadian band and they know how to put on a live show. They're a band that helps keep Canada on the map for music, they're just that good. From start to finish they gave it their all and left the audience cheering with big smiles on their faces!

 To finish off this incredible night of music was the main act. I Mother Earth is another awesome Canadian band that shows the world we have all the best musicians. They hit the stage and boom, they brought it! It was incredible seeing them live on stage together that night. As a die hard music fan having been to thousands of concerts, I have to tell you that I was beyond impressed. I Mother Earth and Finger Eleven are a killer combo that you don't want to miss.

 People wanted to hear about the show like it was any other regular concert but it wasn't. It wasn't a regular concert or even a show. I Mother Earth & Finger Eleven was an experience that will be remembered for years to come by myself and anyone lucky to have been in attendance that night! 

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