Outshined, Six Side Die, The Fell and what a show!

A week ago today this happened, Outshined and Six Side Die opened for The Fell at The Music Hall Nightclub and Concert Theatre. It was a solid line up and great night of live music. Every city has to have a great live music venue so if you're in Oshawa, you have to go to The Music Hall.

 Outshined kicked it all off,  they have a good sound and get better each time I see them. You can tell when a band is putting their time in and it's clear these guys have. Founded in 2012 the band consists of Brandon Hasting - Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Brandon Hasting - Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Dylan Porter - Percussion. I'm looking forward to seeing how they progress and of course I'm always happy to promote local and Canadian artists. They were a great choice as opener.

 Next up for this solid line up of music was Six Side Die, another Canadian band that I had never seen live before. To be clear though, they were worth seeing. They have a really good sound and stage presence. The band is made up of Bryan Crouch- Vocals, Anthony Xander- Lead Guitar,  Pat Kavanagh- Bass/Vocals, Kelly Voelkel- Drums. The singer in particular was high energy and gave it from start to finish. This is another band I'm looking forward to seeing progress in the music industry.

 Of course the best for last, The Fell. This band consists of well known and experienced musicians including the singer Anthony De La Torre who has some serious talent on vocals! The Fell came out and did their thing, the crowd couldn't have been happier. These guys haven't been together as long as other bands but you wouldn't know it by the way they played together. Besides De La Torre the band consists of fellow Canadian Mike Krompass on guitar, Randy Cooke on drums and the legendary bassist Billy Sheehan on bass. This alternative rock band delivered what every great live show needs, an amazing headliner.  I wouldn't have changed a thing about the entire show. So glad to have seen them live and very happy to have finally shot Billy Sheehan. 

 You can be sure the next time The Fell are in town that I will be there whether I'm shooting or just there as a fan. Truth be told you should go see them live too!