Richie Roberts: Pushing Local Music

As long as I can remember there has always been music playing where ever I am. My father always had music going and used to listen to 50's, 60's & 70's rock n roll. My mother was always singing. As I grew up I just kept music going all the time and have various tunes associated with different memories. Music has always been a love of mine as is photography. When the chance comes to blend the two, it's a great day for me. There is no musical talent in me but I can shoot it and share it. It's great to go out and shoot bands, especially local artists , try to get them known by more people. It's hard to find people that want to push local music as much as myself but then there's Richie Roberts.

Richie Roberts is the front man for the band Rich With Sin, he is a hard working and talented musician. You'll find him ripping it up on guitar and belting out great rock tunes or you'll find him pushing local talent. He like myself loves music and wants to help local artists get better known. What you also should know is Richie hosts the best open mic in the city, most people think of Oshawa as "car town" but if we have our way it will be known as a music city. He was kind enough to take some time and answer a few questions. Here's what he had to say:

  Well I was born in a small town called Orangeville but was raised in Peterborough Ontario. Not big enough to say I lived a city life but not far enough in the bush to be a back forty guy

 I First picked the guitar up around three years old and was singing and playing my first song "Bobbie Mi-gee." Though much of those years I dont remember much, as I got into my early teen years I was playing any song I could learn on the radio By ear.

 My musical influences vary from Stevie Ray Vaughn to the great Jimi Hendrix. As I got into the Ninety's I had many great alternative influences  such as  Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana , Offspring, Stone temple pilots and many more.

 Because I never learned by theory, or was taught by lessons, I was left to learn from the greats by ear which in turn resulted into me pretty much writing music my whole life. I am currently working on original material as we speak with my latest band Rich With Sin.  I've worked with many other bands in the past such as Esteem , The Kneegrows, Unchained , Johny Boom and the jelly fish, Emerson Ireland band. ( if I've missed some I apologize )

 I would have to say my favorite band I have worked with would be Esteem. This band broke a lot of barriers for me and we had some amazing experiences. with playing the North by North East (NXNE) festival to rocking Ep Taylors for a sold out show. These guys and gal have a lot of talent and there sprint shows when there up on the stage. Watch out for them as there coming back out on the scene with a new vibe, new style and new name.

 My favourite place to play was and still is Sneaky Dees in Toronto Ontario. Maybe its because the place was so packed bouncers were removing people from the venue or because it was part of one of the largest canadian festivals in this side of canada and we headline the final night, either way by far best experience I've had yet. Cant wait to experience it with the band Rich With Sin

 I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to say the band I'm in now lol which is totally true but id love to, in the future work with a few bands and collaborate a super group , which in turn would be a super show . The Ultimate super group members - krystle M "Esteem" on main vocals,( Johny R' The Hippie Cripplers- Justin D 'Esteem"-  Angus H " Bone Devil" and ME on guitars and back up vocals, Troy H on the bass and my good man Josh W on the skins. We would be called the JuggerYess band. lol

 It Don"t matter where as long as it packed and full of great people, but in truth Woodstock would have been the place to play. Maybe Sound Academy. 

  I love to fish, Fished all my life. I love to stay fit and I am currently getting back into lifting the iron. I love supporting other great talented bands and checking out there shows or even just going down to my favorite watering whole and having a few with friends but lately there's been a special person in my life that I just cant get enough of.

 Well as many know I do have an active band in the music scene called Rich With Sin and we are currently working on our originals and many more great cover songs for you rock loving fans. I'm also a full time boneified Roofer lol. that's right I'm a roofer during the day and rocker at night and I just got accepted into local 27 roofing union. 

 As many know our band host a open mic every Thursday at the Gravity lounge( 45 prince street Oshawa Ontario) but our next booked gig is May 13 @ the General pub and grill. Were Partnering up with The Goombas and gonna put on a yell of a party. we have many more shows booked in the many great venues in Oshawa Ontario.

 People can get the latest details at our band page @RichWithSin.  Here you will find Early Demo releases and all our scheduled gigs booked in the future 

 "Every Good band started With Another great band", lets make a music scene together. Though many bands fall short of trying to do it on there own its the many great legends that new in order to rise to the top we must first create a scene large enough that the top  will take an interest. My Whole reason for Entertaining is to reach out to people and connect with them on a physiological, emotional and physical level. Its through my music I hope to give people inspiration and motivation to live in a way that your eyes are open but not to be taken advantage of. All my music is written based on my experiences of happiness , pain, anger and love. So come bring your dancing shoes and the great smiles and we will bring the party