Large Prints and Clients

 It seems nowadays that everyone is looking at one screen or another. Most people accept that "this is how it is now". That's fine for most people but not for me, you can't stand out in the crowd when you're doing the same as everyone else.

 There are so many photographers out there with websites and photos with social media following it's hard to figure out what to do. A photographer that I follow, Jared Polin, released a number of videos where he spoke about making large prints. They looked great on the screen as he held some of them up but again this was being watched on my laptop screen. He likes to give out photo books and his clients seem to like them, it's also something that helps him to stand out from other photographers.

 I have always had photo albums and prefer prints over digital images but with the number of images I've shot there's way too many to ever print. Still it entered my mind that it would be cool to hold a big print in my hand. What size to make them? 4x6 was standard and not very exciting, 5x7 is ok and then there is the typical 8x10 that people use for family portraits and school photos. Who wants to be typical, not this guy!  I had a couple of my favourite prints made into 13x19 and they went BOOM, in my face. Beautiful, large prints staring at me clear as day. 

 It was awesome to hold these large prints in my hands. While looking them over it dawned on me that if I liked them this much that maybe clients may like them too. I started making large prints of musicians that I had photographed and presenting them my favourite one. Everyone loved them and told me i'm welcome to shoot them anytime. As a photographer having an artist appreciate your work is great. To have those same artists love your work and allow you all access to shoot anytime is amazing! It was rewarding to see these artists jaws drop and smiles come across their face as I revealed their big prints to them.

 I will tell you folks, nothing beats holding a big print in your hand as you look at it. This beats an image on a screen any day. Find your way to stand in out while doing what you love as well. Follow my link and see some of the reactions for yourself. Peter Jackson, a hip hop artist, is my latest photo reveal.