The Madman aka Justn Cr3dibl3

Recently I was able to catch up with The Madman himself and talk about music. Justn Cr3dibl3 is a Canadian Hip Hop artist who like myself is all about promoting music and in particular, Canadian artists.

We met up at his radio station in Oshawa that he recently started and we will cover that more as we go. Here's what he had to say.

Me: I wanted to know who he listened to growing up and his reply surprised me. Madman: It was the likes of the Tragically Hip (who can blame him? they are amazing), Hootie and the Blowfish, Travis Tritt, Kenny Rogers and more. (Not exactly what I was expecting to hear from a hip hop artist but he has a solid taste in music and a variety.)

Me:When did he get into hip hop?". Madman: A family tragedy left me angry and unable to deal with his emotions. A friend introduced me to writing music, song structure. He told me to write about everything that was bothering me inside as a means to get it out and deal with it. (The Madman started and has never looked back, it's been writing and moving forward ever since.)

Me:When did you start performing live? Madman: 2013

Me: Who are your favorites in Hip Hop? Madman: Hopsin, Classified, Jay Z, Eminem and a few others.

Me: Tell us your favorite or some of the favorites that you have performed with. Madman: Classified, Insane Clown Posse, Peter Jackson and Obie Trice. (An impressive list for an artist anywhere yet alone Oshawa, Ontario.)

Me: Any upcoming shows you want to let people know about so they can come check you out? Madman: Mac Lethal on April 7th, I'm an artist for the show as well as promoter.

Me: I see you started a radio station, tell us what it's called and why you started it. Madman: It's called Power Stream Ent. Radio. It's dedicated to all the underground artists who need a place to be heard. Everyone can come together here and get known! (Sounds like a great idea as there's lots of artists looking for means to get radio play and known.)

Me: Any long term goals for your career performing? Madman: Stay relevant and talk about things that matter! Me: Long term for your station? Madman: The goal is to become the number one radio station in the world. 

Me: Any artists that you'd like to work with? Madman: Darius Rucker, I'd like to write a song with him and do a show together. (Like to see that dream come true for you.)

Madman: I want to leave you with a quote. "Get mad and enter my world!"

I'd like to thank Justn Cr3dibl3 "The Madman" for taking time to sit and talk. I have seen him live myself and it's well worth checking out for yourself!

In parting I'd like to leave you with a photo I took of him myself at The Music Hall Oshawa (Awesome venue and staff BTW)