The Trews ROCK Oshawa!

If you are a fan of rock music then you need to know about The Trews. This incredible band came to The Music Hall Night Club and Concert Theatre on October 20, 2017 and rocked the house!

 The show started off with a couple of openers including Jane's Party and what a great choice they were. I will be looking for them in the future, they have a lot of potential. You never know how good an opening band is going to be but it was a great night of music.

 Let's get back to The Trews, these guys are awesome live and I mean, fuckin' incredible! It's always great to go to a show knowing you're seeing a really good band but it's so much better when the band exceeds your expectations like they did. The house was packed and there was no room to move. The greatest thing about The Trews is that they aren't just any hard rock band. The greatest thing about them is that they are a Canadian Hard Rock band. From the time they stepped on stage to the last note played, the audience including myself just couldn't get enough. The Music Hall has had some really good shows up to the point of the Trews playing but I tell you all here and now, for the record, The Trews blew the roof off that place!

 If you have never heard of them, check their music out on YouTube and then go see them. If you have heard of them but never seen them, go see them. If you have seen them live then there's nothing left to tell you but to tell others and have them go see them live as well. The Trews are Hard Rock music at it's finest, my hat off to these guys.

Hey, that's just my opinion....