Sean Kingston - Made In Jamaica Tour Featuring Peter Jackson

 Saturday, December 9th, 2017. Sean Kingston's Made In Jamaica Tour rolled into Oshawa. If you are a true fan of Rap & Hip Hop then you know who Sean Kingston is. He has a number of hits like "Beautiful Girls" and "Fire Burning" which he performed.

 To start the night out DJ Playa kicked it off, solid set by him indeed. Fans were then treated to a number of local artists like Tre Da Kidd, The "MadMan" Joey Brown, Ruby Red, Killa Kella and more. I must make note that Oshawa was treated to Shauna Elizabeth who The MadMan has dubbed the "Queen of Hip Hop for Durham Region. It was the first time I've seen her perform live and happy to have been there to catch her sing.

 This wasn't just a regular night of music or Hip Hop or Rap. The fans were hit with a double treat which doesn't happen very often in the music industry. Oshawa was blessed with not just one but TWO headliners! You read that right, two headliners. Peter Jackson the man who brought you hits like "On A Wave" and "Vacation" hit the stage before Sean Kingston and tore it up. As a music fan it doesn't get better than that. Peter Jackson hit the stage, dropped a ton of great tunes on the audience and set the bar for Sean Kingston.

 I've never seen Sean Kingston perform before but I have seen more shows than I can put an exact number on (we'll just say it's over two thousand and leave it at that). Sean Kingston had a massive applause and cheers as soon as they announced his name, yet alone actually getting on stage. He performed a hit filled set and the audience loved him. One thing that stood out while watching and shooting his show was that he looked liked he was genuinely having fun. Artists will perform, smile here and there but Sean Kingston truly looked like he was having the time of his life. It was refreshing to see an artist enjoying what they do and playing off the audiences energy. 

Peter Jackson and Sean Kingston were a great combination, hope to see them on stage at the same time in the future. I have a feeling it would be a killer event!