2016/ 2017 and the Future

 If you are reading this you survived 2016 and good on you, it was a tough year. I was hurt in November 2015, further more in December. It really derailed things for my photography and business endeavors. I had to wait until July 2016 in order to get a very risky spinal surgery and have been recovering ever since. 

 Here we are in 2017 and it's time to go after it all. What is in order for 2017? It's time to shoot as many bands and musicians (local and otherwise) as possible. Everyone wants to focus on America for music but Canada has some of the best talent in the world. It's great to have music from other places but Canada is where it's at and it's time more people knew it. I want to shoot, write about and help local musicians get known. Oshawa has some great talent and expanding on that so does Durham Region. 

 To make things even better Oshawa and Durham Region has some incredible live music venues. If you are going to have great local talent, you need to have places to show it off. My music coverage will be including venues. 2017 has a ton of possibilities and we all need to go after what we really want in life.

 I fully admit my writing is lacking but my love for music, concerts and great music venues is genuine. I'm a huge music fan and always will be. I shoot my photos as if I was a fan opening a a magazine, what would I want to see? My coverage won't be limited to one genre either, if there's great music to be covered and they give me access to shoot/ write about it then it's in. Rock n' Roll, Country, Rap, Blues etc it's all good. Music is global, it brings people together and the world needs that! 

That's just my opinion....

Richard Dukeshire