The Tragically Hip Final Show, Let's Shut Down the Internet!

If you are Canadian and love music then the odds are you know the name of this great Canadian band. The Tragically Hip are just that, as hip as they come. These guys have been bringing it on stage every time for years to Canada and the rest of the world.

If you have been one of the lucky ones to have seen them live then you know this to be true. They are a well knit group, not just friends but at this stage of the game, they are family! These guys make you want to stand up and dance no matter how bad you are at it. If you know the words then there's no question you are on your feet singing your heart out with everyone else. These guys are what music is all about and they are one of Canada's greatest exports. I would even go as far to say they are music legends in Canada, they are to me. Let me know if you agree....

The Tragically Hip  started in 1984 in Kingston, Ontario and have rocked it ever since, no one can ever take away from these guys especially with an amazing fourteen Juno awards. There are musicians, bands and singers that go their whole life trying to get nominated for one or win one yet alone fourteen! The Hip as they are commonly known are creative and make poetry into music. Each one of them has their own look and style, yet combined match perfectly into this dynamic band.

I was fortunate enough to work many shows and events with these guys for over a decade while doing concert/ event security and bodyguard work. They were as great offstage as they were on it. All of them friendly, never once did anyone power trip or say "do you know who I am?" which is common to hear as some musicians/ famous people feed their own egos. These guys didn't have to because we knew who they were. They were the great Canadian band that everyone loved and still do.

I remember filming the video for My Music at Work on a Mother's Day of all times in a little place on Queen Street East in Toronto. Karen Campbell (an amazing lady) was the first one I ran into arriving on set who told me we were in for a very busy day. It was cold but that didn't stop anything. There was an open casting call and people came from all over to be in the video. The final scene was Gord Downie turning his back to the crowd and falling back into them and being caught. Not sure if i can disclose why so I won't. I was asked to dress up as a fan and catch Gord when he fell. Being in a video, movie, documentary wasn't new and I was happy to help, it was a fun day. Before we did a couple of test runs the video director or producer said "Please do not drop the Gord, do not break the Gord." we all laughed. The music was cued and we got it done. That is just one of my many memories with these guys.

Unfortunately Gord has been diagnosed with brain cancer and this will be the bands last tour. The Man Machine Poem tour is set to end Saturday August 20, 2016 where it all began in Kingston, Ontario. There really are no words to describe how tragic this is. Everyone please send out their thoughts and prayers to Gord, his friends, family the band for his well being.

I would like to challenge Canada and all the fans around the world to shut down/ break the internet! That's right, let's break the internet by over loading it. Ellen DeGeneres did it with a single tweet and though she's great she has nothing on The Hip. I challenge every Canadian to watch the show anywhere you can and tweet, Facebook, Instagram everything you love about them, what you see, who you are with, what you feel as you watch this last great show. Let's show The Tragically Hip how much we love them, let's show The Hip how grateful we are for the years of amazing memories and give them the love and respect they deserve. When that band finishes their last song I want every fan in Canada on their feet and to cheer so loud they hear you from every corner of this country!


Richard Dukeshire

Aug 12, 2016 Toronto, Ontario, Air Canada Center, wish I could be there to shoot their last show but I will be watching from anywhere I can. #thetragicallyhip #thehip #gorddownie #canada #ontario