Week One

I have been home for a week now from the hospital and so happy to be here.

The hospital food was horrible, I spent the entire time in critical care under constant watch and regular check ups.  The surgery was a fusion of my L4/L5. Disc material had been squished into my spinal canal and was pushing against nerves that went to my lower body. My left foot has not been the same since the accident that caused it. There is numbness, tingling and an over all lack of feeling in different parts. It's an odd feeling and makes walking difficult since I have to try and compensate for it.

Special thanks to the people who did the surgery at Toronto Western Hospital and those who assisted or were present during.  Another special thanks to my wife who visited me everyday. She fed me ice chips when my mouth was dry from the drugs, she wiped my forehead with a cold cloth when I was too warm, moved my pillow and helped be comfortable in anyway she could.  It was the most painful experience of my life and she went above and beyond to help me and be there for me. Love her so much!

Everyday is still a struggle, movement is restricted and painful but I'm up on my feet. I need a walker for most days and moving around but can manage very small distances with a cane and the help of walls. At least I'm not dead or in a wheel chair for life, both I was told were a very real possibility. I wake up every night because moving causes pain and reminds me I can't move as I'd like to. I have to try and sleep in one position. It doesn't matter if I sit, stand or lay down, they are all painful. for me each day and night is about finding the least painful position.

Many people have messaged me and expressed their concern for my recovery and I appreciate it more than I can express. Good to know so many care about my well being, thank you to all who reached out to me.  

Next week I am going to get into how the accident happened and how the government is failing workers and the holes in our safety nets that are set up to protect us. 

Wish you all the best until then, cheers!