Headshots for Hope

In my last blog I talked about helping out in relation to a model friend. This time I'm going to talk about helping on a  larger scale. People need to help others and get involved when they can.

 I have tossed around ideas on how to help my community and do volunteer work when I can. I'm a member of a veterans club and volunteer for them whenever I am needed. If it wasn't for the vets we wouldn't have this great country, we owe it to them to do what we can, that's my feelings on it anyway. So helping with the vets is great but it dawned on me that more could be done but what? I'm a photographer so how to make that into a way to help others became the issue.

The other thing was where to help? It just seemed to make sense that local businesses should help their own community and that's my goal. The next question was who to donate to? Then I remembered hearing about Hearth Place from a friend of mine. She made it very clear that without their help she wouldn't be here today. That sold me right there. Local business helping the local community, what a great idea. My plan became this, shoot headshots/ portraits and give all the money to Hearth Place. My studio is mobile, not a permanent one so I went and spoke to Robert Gunn, the manager of Henry's in Oshawa. Right away he liked the idea of helping support a local charity and they have offered a room/ studio to host this event in. Since then they have offered up lighting, a monitor etc. My deepest gratitude for Robert Gunn and Henry's Camera Oshawa for being on board so quickly! They are a great store for photography with staff to match.

 For those who may not have heard of Hearth Place, they are a cancer support center. They provide community support for people with cancer and their families. They provide individual and group support, information and resources. They provide wellness programs and discussion series plus so much more. Hearth Place is not publicly funded and rely on donations and help from people like you and I. 

 I can't do what these amazing people do but just maybe with the help of Henry's in Oshawa we can raise money so they can continue their awesome work. So please come in and get a portrait or headshot done. We ask for a minimum ten dollar donation which helps the local community and you get a great shot for Facebook, Linked In or anywhere else you made need to use a photo.

Hope to see you all this Saturday at 245 King st West in Oshawa between 12pm and 4pm.