Helping Out

As a photographer you are regularly approached to work for free or "help" someone with free images.

Sometimes it can be frustrating as photography seems to be undervalued even though pictures play an important part in our lives. Other times as in this case it can be a way to step out of your comfort zone and be creative.

I was approached by a local model who wanted to win a contest for the Oshawa Centre and become their "style icon". The winner of the contest would become a guest blogger and win a variety of gift cards from the stores in the mall. The contestants had to post different fashion looks from clothing sold in the O.C. Fashion is not my regular style but it seemed like it may be fun and give me a reason to try something different while helping a friend. 

We went a couple of times in short trips to different stores and grabbed some snap shots in and out of the mall. Along the way we did run into some great staff. Special shout out to the staff of Le Chateau and H&M, they were extremely helpful and polite! In the end we may not have won but we had fun and I had the chance to meet new people and get creative so for me it was well worth it. 

I suggest everyone take time to help others when they can, it may just have some unexpected rewards.