It was my goal to rock 2016 but sometimes there are setbacks that you just can't account for when making plans. Such is my unfortunate case.

In case you don't know photography is an amazing art which allows you to express yourself and be creative. It also can be expensive with things to use for this job. My goal was to get a regular day job to buy new gear so everything was updated and allow me better quality of work. 

I took a job last summer doing rough carpentry building walls, floors and trusses for roofs. Unfortunately I was injured and have a very damaged spine. In order for me to return to an active lifestyle I need spinal surgery. Due to this injury there are physical restrictions to follow so my shooting has been very minimal since November/ December of 2015. Any shooting that does get done is with a bare minimum amount of equipment.

I will post updates as they happen but let me leave you with one thought. If you don't have your health then you have nothing. Be very careful what with you do and how you do it. Some injuries as in my case can not be undone or reversed. I promise you this is not a situation anyone wants to be in.