Today I Bring you Bif Naked!

  Today I bring you Bif Naked! This lady is a very talented musician and has covered other styles of music but it's her rocking out that I will forever know her by. She has numerous albums under her belt, graced many stages and puts on one hell of a show! If you know her you love her and if you don't then you should so read on. I reached out to Bif via Twitter and she took some time to answer a few questions. Here's what she had to say.

 My name is "Bif Naked" and I am a performer who has been making records and performing internationally for twenty five years. I am a Canadian Citizen but was born in India and have American adoptive parents. 

 My style of music has always been very diverse, crossing from punk to metal to pop. My first band was a "world music" band playing everything from North African music to Indian ragas to folk, and then by the time I was eighteen I was in my second band which was a punk rock band. My third band was a thrash band. Finally, I started making solo records and used much of my previous diversity to inform my song writing. I have been very lucky in this way.

 My first solo record was, really, a dream come true for me. I never would have ever dreamed, especially at that time, that anyone would believe in me enough to make a record with me. My manager, Peter Karroll, and my producer at that time, John Dexter, believed in me enough to give me creative carte blanche and really blossom as a young artist. I will never forget that magical time in my life.

 I have always loved making records and feel very happy to have had those opportunities. I feel lucky to have been making records in an era when kids still bought records and listened to the whole thing, as a body of work presented by the artist, as the artist intended. I am very proud of each record and every single one was a complete emotional struggle for me, as a lyricist pouring my various heartaches into words. I love writing poetry and finally, found a vehicle for it all. It was transformational for me, every time. Very freeing.

 Every record was integral for me, and each one has a special song that still resonates for me every time we perform it. "Lucky" was submitted for my first record but did not make the cut, until I tried again on my second record, "I, Bificus". Very grateful that it was released. Also, "I Love Myself Today" from my "Purge" record was extremely empowering to sing, every time I sing it. My "Superbeautifulmonster" record has the song "Everyday" which is a response to a fear of death. Ironically, I would be diagnosed with cancer a couple years later. "The Promise" was a record we recorded while I was in chemo, so that will always have a special place in my heart.

 I love performing and love my bandmates. Touring and being on the road is all I have ever known and have been on tour essentially since 1989. I am happy to say that I have only ever missed ONE show, due to heinous strep throat, in 1994. We toured in vans for many years, sleeping in the vehicle on top of the equipment and finally, my first European tour, we got our first tour bus. It was incredible. 

 Yes, I have a million stories and, yes, many crazy road stories. LOL! I am writing a book for Harper Collins and many of those stories will be in there. Most of my personal experience with my fans are totally positive and I am so grateful to have the sweetest fans in the World!

 I am a huge admirer of EVERY human being I have ever met, from chemo nurses to celebrities to kindergarden teachers to mechanics, and it is hard to come up with just one or two stories. I was only speechless from meeting two people in my life: Jay Leno, when we appeared on The Tonight Show, and James Hetfield from Metallica, the first time I met them in 1996. Literally, and completely, tongue-tied, like a little kid.

 I am very fortunate to have fans in every country we have ever toured in, and even some that we haven't. American fans are the least shy, and I would have to say that our fans in Italy and Spain are the loudest. 

 When I was in cancer treatments I started to volunteer with some of the other patients and at that time I was asked to speak at a few fundraisers for different breast cancer charities. I loved this and it was a natural fit for me, especially as a breast cancer patient, myself. I was able to effectively speak from the heart as I had first-hand experience. I believe the best thing about going through my own cancer treatment, is the fact that I can now speak about these topics with knowledge and experience. 

 I do hope to encourage people to seek knowledge about, and be better informed about so many issues. I am passionate about healthcare, specifically, palliative care and the needs of those patients and their families. I am also extremely passionate about animal welfare, about Indigenous Sovereignty, about the Rights of Women, about LGBTQ2S rights, and much more. I love learning and I love people, and as a result- I find a lot of joy in creating dialogue, provoking questioning, and sharing information.

 We are in the middle of recording new music and preparing for autumn touring. I spend much of the year writing my poetry and by upcoming memoirs, so it's a great escape to get back to singing once and a while. LOL! I am never far from The Stage.

 We are always threatening to make a Death Metal Supergroup here in Vancouver, comprised of some fierce musicians. I would be the secondary singer in this project, with a male frontman singing in the "cookie monster" voice. This will be a joyful project, to counter the project we did a couple years ago which is all dance music. It's so much fun! I am also in the middle of choreographing for that project. We would like to do a Complete Work, incorporating dance, theatrical musical performance, and images. 

 I love SO many acts from Canada. Everyone from 3 Inches of Blood, to Drake, Michael BublĂ©, Chromeo, Arcade Fire, Kittie, Deadmau5, Propagandhi, Jann Arden, Strapping Young Lad, Esthero, The Be Good Tanyas, D.O.A., and don't forget: Justin Bieber is a Canadian kid, too!

  The Music Industry is just like any other industry, with the Key to Success being PERSEVERANCE! Don't give up and keep going, keep trying. Ultimately, doing what you love is it's own reward. I always say as long as we can "pay the rent and feed the dogs" from music, or any job, is a great accomplishment. Never give up!

  I keep believing that the biggest and brightest part of my career is AHEAD of me. The Best is Yet to Come for ALL of us, as we continue to grow, learn, and evolve. I could have died completely satisfied in 1994 when my first-ever cd came out! Everything after this has all been a bonus. I feel privileged every single day.

 If I could let the fans know things about myself (that they do not already know) it would probably be that I could eat ONLY bananas every day, all day, forever and never be bored of it.....and that my eyebrows never grew back after chemo and I draw them on every single day. Usually very horribly. LOL!

 I would just like to say thank you for your interest and wanting to interview me. I am very appreciative and I thank you. Namaste.

 When most people think of celebrities or in this case famous musicians they forget that they are real people and have struggles like everyone else. Bif is such an inspirational story, she fought to make it in music then has a very serious illness, comes out of it, still works on more music and volunteers full time. This woman is incredible. I have seen her perform live and let me tell you that she owns the stage from start to finish. If you haven't seen her live then you really need to treat yourself. Very much looking forward to hearing this new album and hope all of you are too.

 My final thoughts after reading what she sent me are these, you make me proud to be Canadian and are someone that many can draw inspiration from. I wish you all the love, happiness and success in life that you can handle.