Ontario Has a New Star on the Rise

I have heard it said that you never know who you will meet or when. What they didn't say is that you also do not know who they may be later on, this is the case with Rodney Swain. Like a lot of people we met through our wives who used to work together. People had told me that I needed to hear him sing but that was nothing new to me. Lots of people "know the next big thing" but almost none ever pan out. One night we were all at a karaoke bar for a work party and it started like I thought it would with various people butchering some classic tunes. While sitting there chatting Rodney had got up and started singing. It made me turn around in my seat to see who it was. To my surprise he had got up to do a country cover song and he nailed it! Before going on take a few moments to read over his answers to my questions.

Rodney Promo TW.jpg

1) My name is Rodney Swain and I am a country music singer/songwriter. My goal is to create music that makes people feel good.  When I am not involved with music I am a Social Service Worker.

2) I was born in Sudbury Ontario, but now I live in Oshawa, Ontario. 

3) I was always involved in music singing at camp fires and in variety shows. A few years back I wrote a few songs that were sold internationally. After selling many copies in Canada and in the U.S.A, I decided to take the music industry more seriously. What really set things in motion was a friend who told me I had some talent. He was right. 

4) The most influential artist I can remember was Garth Brooks. He was a great songwriter, but his songs had a story. Believe it or not I judge singers more on the material they write not how good they sing. There are a lot of average singers out there with above average songs they wrote, that is influential. 

5) Recently I finished a new song in the studio. The song has grabbed the attention from a past Canadian Juno award winner along with a producer in the Miami, Florida. What makes this story exciting is that the producer from Miami is also a producer for the biggest stars in the music industry. That's cool.   

6) Right now my social media sites are under re-development. 

7) Websites are currently under development.

8) I always treat everyone with respect and do not think I am better than anyone else. At all the shows I've played I have stayed after to meet and greet all the fans that wanted to meet me. I consider myself a singer/songwriter and feel privileged to be able to do both.

9) Treat everyone with respect and don't look done at anyone. You never know when that someone you looked down on knows someone important.

10) I would describe my music sound as my sound. I love country music and sing what I feel. Every new artist says their music is great and different, but I say mine is fun and from the heart.

11) Currently my band and I are ready to launch our new single. Future shows will be posted for fans to come out     and join us.

12) I always liked the direction of Children's make a wish foundation. In the future it would be great to help make a wish come true.

13) A highlight moment for me was when I had 100 people standing in line to buy debut EP album. On this day I sold 150 albums and signed autographs.

14) I will have all social media and music sites ready for viewing as soon as possible it should not take long. 

Thank you for all your support.

Since that night in the karaoke bar Rodney Swain and I have become good friends and there are some things all of you should know. He isn't just a good musician but a good guy as well. It's people like him working hard to reach their dreams that will keep Canada on the music charts!