Justin Cooper, coming soon to a stage near you!

Justin Cooper is a singer/ songwriter from Ontario.

I ran into this guy a couple of years ago and noticed right off this guy loves to joke around non stop. Later it came to my attention that he was a musician and a very talented one at that. He took time to answer some questions for me so that everyone could gain some better insight into the life of a musician. Here's what he had to say.

1) Could you please introduce yourself and tell us what you do?


Hey there, My name is Justin Cooper and I am a singer/guitar player in the band Whiskey River. 

2) Where are you from?

I grew up in the small town of Madoc and now reside in the GTA.

3) How did you get into music and why?

Always loved music as a kid. Growing up as a kid my grandma always had the country tunes on.  So listening to all the greats like Alan Jackson, Vince Gill, Ronnie Milsap and many more. I started out by playing the drums when I was 11 years old and played with many bands as a young kid. I then wanted to expand and got my first guitar when I was 13. I took lessons with a family friend Frank Burnett who was a huge musical inspiration. I guess ya could say it changed my life and that's when it all came together. 

4) Who are your influences in music?

I listen to all types of music and appreciate all aspects of it. Love old country though alot. Garth Brooks, Diamond Rio, Marty Stewart and so much more.  

5) What is your focus and some of your goals for your music career?

Right now the main focus is getting the Whiskey River album done to share with everyone. Been working so hard on writing and recording. Its been a long road but finally here and cant wait to share it with you. We have put our heart and soles into this project and have a great team behind us. 

6) Where can people hear you online? 

You can add me personally ( Justin Cooper ) and or we have a page on Facebook called ( Whiskey River ). You can also find us on Reverbnation and Twitter Whiskeyriver123 also YOUTUBE Justin and Melinda

8) What if anything do you want the fans to know about you?

I just want you all to know I appreciate all the love and continued support. Without all of you I probably wouldn't be doing this blog lol. Also for following us around and being such a big part in why we do this I cant thank you all enough. 

9) Any advice for people looking to pursue a dream of music?

Just always be true to yourself. Its not as glamorous as everyone thinks. Its a lot of hard work and dedication. A big motto I go by is " I didn't dream of my success, I made it". Just play your heart out and enjoy what you do and leave your heart on the stage.  

10) How would you describe your sound?

That's a tricky one. We're Country/Rock with some twists. We have a nice acoustic sound with a ton of killer harmonies. You will just have to check it out. 

11) When and where is your next show so fans can get the full music experience?

Check out our Facebook page we have so much going on. We have our schedule up and promote everything. There is always more gigs being added.

12) Is there any charity you support or would like to help bring attention to?

We are very big on charities. Anything we can do to give back we do. We have done so many over the past year. Such as Heart and Stroke, Tunes for Teya and so much more. Just a great feeling to give back to the people that got us to where we are. 

13) Do you have a favorite moment or highlight you would share with us?

Of course and that would be right now. Our lives have taken a turn for the best. Lucky we get to work with the best in the business. I do have to say thanks to one of my best friends though and guitar player Clayton Mark. We have been playing together for over 4 years and he's a big inspiration. BIG thanks to Doug Oliver ( My Darkest Days and Cold Creek County) for taking us under his wing and believing in us. Writing this album to get it out there to all of you is one of my fave moments for sure. I hope your as excited as we are. 

14)  Any final thoughts or comments for the fans out there?

Honestly just thanks for everything. Check out our videos and join our sites. 2014 is our year so stay tuned :) Gonna be some Whiskey River in a town or on a radio near you! Before I forget, big thanks to Richard for inviting me to his blog. This guy does some killer work and is an awesome dude for sure. See you all soon :) 

 Thanks to Justin for answering these questions. With working alongside some of the people he mentioned you can be sure what he has coming out will be great. Having heard him play live a few times myself I can assure you his show is worth seeing. We will be sure to reach out to him down the road for a follow up Blog. Please make sure to share this on Facebook and anywhere else you can think of. I want to bring you the best of Canadian talent and talent worldwide. In order to do that people need to spread the word. Cheers!