Parmalee played Boots and Hearts 2013 to a very pleased crowd!

This year was my first Boots and Hearts festival and I am so glad to have been a part of it. to my admission I am more of a rock n roll fan but appreciate good music in any form. Going into the festival it was up in the air as to whether or not i'd be meeting any of the bands or it's members. Parmalee held what we call a "media scrum" backstage. This is where all the media get to come in and each ask a question. After that we were allowed to take a photo of them.

We all gathered around backstage and the boys came out with smiles, genuinely happy to see us. After our questions were asked we each got to get a photo with them and let me tell you that does not happen every show (thanks guys) . What was my question you may wonder? I asked the guys what is the one thing they wanted the fans to know about them. The answer came fast and they all agreed instantly, here's what they told me. " We love our fans and we want them to know that we want to have fun when we play and we want our fans to have fun when they come to our show as well. It's all about having a good time!"

If you are a fan of Parmalee let me tell you they deserve the support. After the media scrum we went to shoot the show and let me tell you it was well worth seeing. If you haven't seen them and they are coming to your city or town then you need to go buy a ticket today!