Boots and Hearts - Day One

Boots and Hearts 2013

Unfortunately for the promoters the weather was not going to co-operate and there was rain for three of the four days. It didn't seem to bother the fans whether they came for the day or weekend. Country fans from miles around filed in as fast as they could for this long weekend event. The staff as well as Durham Regional Police did their best to get everyone in as efficiently and quickly as possible.

To start things off on Thursday was The Stone Sparrows, the first of an all Canadian line up that night. They did a really good job setting the stage and getting the crowd going for Tim Hicks who was to follow. Tim Hicks came on stage and did not disappoint as he and his band gave it their all to a very happy group of fans. Following them was Emerson Drive. My thoughts on these guys is this, for a country these boys really rock! I tried to get photos of every band member for each band I photographed all weekend but their drummer was too far back to get a clear shot especially with the dry ice clouding things up. You didn't have to see him clearly to know he was there because he nailed it that night. The first night of Boots and Hearts was fantastic!