Modern tool for many!

Twitter seems to be everywhere that you look these days. You see it on almost every website, bus stop ads for companies and even the logo on t-shirts. With all the different sites and gimmicks exploding on the web you really need a unique product to make it and stand out. 

 With Facebook dominating the internet these days it is good to see something like Twitter hit the social media market. You can pick up a telephone and try for weeks to reach your favorite star or athlete and never get them. Or you can go on Twitter and talk to them that day in most cases, it really is amazing. This service allows you to reach out and connect to people instantly around the globe without reaching machines or receptionist. Twitter cuts out the middle man and goes "here you are". Love it! If used carefully this can be used as a great tool. Never take it for granted and please use it wisely! But that's just my opinion....